Top Questions

Should I wash my hair before I install it?

Absolutely! The shipping process sometimes flattens the hair and a nice wash or co-wash can really bring it back to life.

Why should I buy your hair?

Because Queen Hair is 100% true Remy hair, our hair will feel, act, and look more like your natural hair. Queen Hair is human, not synthetic, so it will also style to match your current hair with the proper care.

Is it okay to style my Queen Hair?

Yes absolutely! Queen Hair products are made from 100% human hair that can be cut, colored and styled just like your own.

How do I care for my Queen Hair?

Because Queen Hair is human hair, caring for it is similar to caring for your own hair. The better you maintain your Queen Hair by moisturizing it and using products that aren’t typically harsh, your Queen Hair should keep you looking great for quite some time. We suggest that if you use products marked for “Extensions” that you make sure that the ingredients aren’t going to damage your hair because usually these products are made for synthetic products.

How long should I expect my Queen Hair to last?

Longevity will depend on the care you give your hair but generally it’ll last from 8 months on up to a couple of years.

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